bri + chase – north georgia engagements

this north georgia engagement session was a dream! let’s just say I am a sucker for a good mountain view, and I am definitely a sucker for these two! bri + I met through a mutual friend I had in college when she was a bridesmaid in her wedding. and let me just tell you, we totally hit it off! we are so similar in personality and vibe, so naturally when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I totally fan girled. I could not say yes fast enough!

now we fast forward a couple of months from then, and it’s time to take their engagement photos! to say I am obsessed is an understatement. I drove about halfway, met them near their house, and then we carpooled the rest of the way. It’s easy to keep talking about how much I adore bri, but chase is just as cool! I seriously have the best time when I am with them. we joke, laugh, and talk all things wedding related¬† (because duh).

when we finally made it, we had to drive around for another 30 minutes to find the most perfect spot! we climbed some walls and explored for a little bit, all in 90 degree heat. it was definitely an adventure, but we loved every minute. this session was honestly filled with so much laughter and joy. you can truly see how much bri + chase adore each other in these images. I couldn’t love them more! my piece of advice? trust. your. photographer. even if it means climbing walls, frolicking in the north georgia mountains in 90 degree heat, and doing the silliest of prompts. I promise in the end, it is so worth it!

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