christina + isaac – west milford farms greenhouse session

would you believe me if I told you these were the first professional images christina and isaac had taken of them in FOUR years?! yep, you read that right. the last professional images of them are from their wedding day. I never would have guessed that from these photos though. I mean, are you kidding? they are freaking precious!!!

from the moment we started shooting, they literally could not keep their hands off each other! I think isaac was excited to have an excuse to kiss all over his wife for an hour. who wouldn’t be? he seriously had the best time doing exactly that. they spent their time laughing, goofing off, and getting a tad handsy as well… because why not? there is never a pressure to be perfect. you do not need to act a certain way, and I’m not focused on getting “that one shot.” I wanted to capture them (and other couples) as they are – in love beyond measure!

I think so many couples are caught in the “how” and think too much about how they look in that specific shot or if it feels awkward. but honestly, none of that really matters. what it really boils down to is you and your best friend living in the moment and thinking only of each other. it really is just a date with me as your professional third wheel. and when you’re madly in love, I swear it comes natural. you don’t have to be a professional model to look like one in your photos. my secret trick? focus on enjoying your time together. I will do the rest!!!

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