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The beauty of my job is that I get to create something tangible from a memory that can take you right back to that moment, to exactly what you were feeling in that time. I’m truly captivated by love and the intimacy you become engulfed in when you experience it. I feel most alive and free when I’m entrusted to document these moments of vulnerability in between the chaos of a wedding day.

The beauty of my job...

The stunning makeup, crisp suit, and lovely florals add to the beauty of your day, but what sets me on fire at my core is the documentation of the still moments - your small hand squeeze, warm embrace, happy tears, and stolen glances. Every story is unique, and I want to be more than just someone who tells it.

 I want to be your confidant, biggest cheerleader, and listening ear. Your wedding day is just the beginning!


Starting at $5,000


Your wedding day is all about YOU so why shouldn't your photos be too? Sure, I'll make sure to get the perfect smiling shot looking straight at the camera with your train perfectly fluffed, but I'm more concerned about capturing who you are at the core. I honestly document the quiet moments and freeze those emotions in time for you to look back on for years to come. My ultimate goal is to produce captivating imagery that takes you right back to that kiss, that embrace, and the intimacy of that moment. At the end of the day, your marriage + photos are the only things that stay with you beyond those couple of hours. My job is to make them absolutely epic!


Starting at $3,000

Elopement PACKAGES

So you want to marry the love of your life, but the big traditional wedding really isn't your scene? Whether you want to backpack through the desert or get married in your backyard, I'm more than ready to passionately document that day for you. I’m such a firm believer that your wedding day can be just as intentionally meaningful and honest to who you are together, regardless of where you are or who is present. An orange tux and a totally rad + unique wedding dress on a cliff? Simple ceremony with just close friends and family? Maybe you want to elope in Italy just you two? Whatever makes you feel most like YOU - let’s do that. I’d be honored to be there for you + it's going to be epic. 


Starting at $600


Whether you've been married for years and want to celebrate your 10th anniversary or you just met six months ago and want to document the beginning of your love story, I want to be there to capture those moments. Maybe you're popping the question and you need someone there to back you up or maybe you're expecting your first bundle of joy - I'm here for that too! Family moments are meant to be cherished + I love to follow my couples through all seasons of life that come after "I do." 


love letters from sweet souls testimonials love letters from sweet souls testimonials love letters from sweet souls testimonials love letters from sweet souls testimonials

love letters from sweet souls testimonials love letters from sweet souls testimonials love letters from sweet souls testimonials love letters from sweet souls testimonials

"Her spirit is purposeful, devoted, and passionate & she made us feel free confident & in love in front of her camera.".

"We booked Signa for our elopement because we knew she would do whatever it takes to capture the most stunning, genuine and unforgettable moments. Her spirit for photography is purposeful, devoted and passionate. We felt free, confident, and in love in front of her camera. Even though I am well acquainted with her work, seeing our carefully curated collection of memories, from one of the most beautiful days of our life together, made me feel all of the emotions I was feeling that day. There is no better feeling. She tags along on these journeys of love and documents priceless memories, but also doesn't miss the simple moments. Always willing to lend a helping hand and be the support system you didn't know you needed. I have only the best things to say about Signa and her work. You definitely want her and her timeless talent in your corner on your wedding day."

Susanna & Jackson

"it was an instant connection & friendship. She makes you laugh, smile, & feel beautiful. A literal hype women."

“Where do I start? She is one of the kindest souls I know. We met on instagram, of course, and we messaged back and forth for months before our session. When we met it was an instant connection + friendship. She is seriously so so talented and makes you feel so comfortable when taking your photos. Literally a HYPE WOMAN! Makes you laugh, smile, and feel so so beautiful. Anyone who gets to know her and works with her is forever changed because of the amazing impression she leaves. Signa is now one of my very best friends and she will forever be my go to photographer!"

Ashley & Cameron

"you NEED signa as your wedding photographer!! We are forever blessed we found her."

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it over and over again! You NEED Signa as your wedding photographer!! We are so blessed that we found her. She is kind, understanding, incredibly talented at what she does and has such a sweet heart too! For our engagement session, we decided to go to Providence Canyon and Signa was right there with us wanting to adventure. All of us were not quite dressed for the hike but we knew Signa would truly capture our love, despite the muddy trails and rain! She truly makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. My husband, Will, and I are forever grateful for the beautiful memories she captured for us during our engagement shoot and wedding! She will be your biggest cheerleader and hype woman! We love Signa! "

Angelei & Will

"i truly could not be any happier with how our pictures turned out."

“We are so grateful that we were able to have Signa capture our big day. Signa is fun, personable, and she made us feel comfortable behind the camera. We are so happy with how our wedding pictures turned out and thankful that she was able to capture every detail of our wedding day. Not only did she capture our day, but she helped create a timeline for my wedding day which was super helpful! This helped my wedding day run smoothly while also allowing us to get all of the pictures that I had visioned. I truly could not be any happier with how our pictures turned out and we are so thankful that she was able to capture these memories!”

Gailey & Noah