gailey + noah – sunset engagements

there’s something so special about capturing forever moments for old friends. gailey + I first met at the University of West Georgia where we attended college and were sisters in the same sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. college brought me so many friendships and lessons, and I feel such an honor being able to be a part of those friends’ stories now as they prepare for this next season of life.

you wouldn’t know it from these photos, but this session was anything but expected. we planned and planned, rescheduled, and then rescheduled AGAIN. we picked out specific outfits that were ordered way in advance, and because of shipping delays and the pandemic, they didn’t arrive. since we already rescheduled so many times, we decided to go ahead with the shoot and I am sooooo glad we did. the weather was immaculate, the images turned out so stunning, and we had such a blast. take that corona, you ain’t got nothing on us!!! all in all, it was such a great day. and don’t worry – this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of them! more photos from their stunning fall wedding to come! until next time….

xoxo, sig

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